10-13 February Owl Patrol

9-12 February 2018 XP International Medical Conference and Camp, Holiday Inn, Camden Lock, London


The XP International Medical Conference and Camp

We are pleased to announce the date for the 1st XP International Medical Conference and Camp which will provide an opportunity to meet with other families affected by XP and those in the medical profession in an informal setting.  We hope it  will allow families to share experiences together and help patients to cope with living with XP.

We have always believed that in this small world of XP, we should not try to reinvent the wheel but to share all the information we have with our sister groups, so although the event is being hosted by the UK XP Support Group, we are being supported by the XP Family Support Group, USA; XP Society South Africa, Enfants de la Lune, France; Freunde die MondscheinKinder, Germany and Teddington Trust.

We have already invited the UK National XP Clinic and Debby Tamura from the National Institute of Health, Washington to present at the conference and we hope to be able to secure speakers from other international organisations in the coming months.

Registrations can be made on-line at www.xpinternationalconf.com  For further information please contact  info@xpsupportgroup.org.uk or sandra@xpsupportgroup.org.uk