Please note the office is no longer manned, and we have changed our telephone number to 01494-890981. To contact Sandra Webb please email:  and general enquiries should be sent to

During 2019/20 Sandra will be travelling extensively and will try to answer emails. If you need to speak to somone, please do not call the office as she will not be able to pick up voicemails. please send an email to and someone will get in touch, The dates she will be away are 30 August-20 September 2019, 15-30 November 2029, 20-25 February 2020, 5-19 March 2020 and 12 May -12 June 2020



XP Clinic dates 2019


23rd August, 27th September, 25th October, 22nd November, 20th December


30th August, 29th November


9th August, 13 September, 11th October, 8th November, 13th December