XP Support Group - UV protection not isolation.
Working in Partnership with Teddington Trust.

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Patient Information Pack

Xeroderma Pigmentosum (xp) Patient Information Pack

Ever since the Charity was set up , it has been a dream to produce an information pack that will help patients and their families from diagnosis through the different stages of their life. We have been able to achieve this with a grant that we received from Jeans for Genes in 2006.

The pack consists of 12 Information Leaflets as follows:

  • What is the XP Support Group?
  • What is XP?
  • Getting Medical Advice
  • Getting help from Social Services
  • Out and About
  • Protection from the Risks of UV
  • Genetics of XP + XP Top Tips
  • XP at the different stages of Life
  • What is UV?
  • Owl Patrol weekend Camp
  • XP Fundraising